My Pregnancy Favourites

As I steadily approach the final trimester of my pregnancy I thought I would share with you some of the goodies that have been keeping me going thus far. During this pregnancy I’ve been “less maintenance” and have been trying to keep things as simple as possible, saving all my energy for when #2 actually arrives!

oh-lief Tummy wax


I’ve always been a tissue oil girl and it really did leave me with no stretch marks during and after my first pregnancy, but I started using the oh-lief tummy wax which I got at Kamers last year and I am loving the effects. What I like about it most is that it doesn’t leave my skin oily after application. It absorbs quite well and doesn’t leave a residue on my clothing. I don’t have any stretch marks yet either so it’s a win-win!

Sour worms


Oh my little friends! These worms have gotten me through those nausea days or days where I just don’t feel like eating at all. Probably not the most nutritious thing to eat but it definitely kept me going at times.

Shift dresses from Woolworths


I was a bit cheesed off earlier in my pregnancy when I found out that Woolworths no longer stocked maternity clothing but when I fitted on a few of the regular ladies shift dresses I realized that they could cater for my growing bump. I bought 2 of them in a size bigger than I would usually wear and they are great for work with a pair of heels and can be worn down with a pair of flats over the weekend.

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream


I find my skin to be slightly more dry than usual during this pregnancy, especially around my eyes. The Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream plumps up and hydrates that area in an instant and makes such a difference. I even rub a bit on the bridge of my nose as it’s also quite dry and slightly sun-burnt from driving.



I feel like a smoker with no ciggies when I realize that I do not have any rennies in my handbag. I’m not totally reliant on them but when I feel a bout of heartburn coming on, I just suck on one and it takes that sensation away quite fast. I try to keep my food portions smaller, especially if it’s something rich as this brings the heartburn on. I also try and drink as much water as I can throughout the day as this also helps.

I’d love to hear what is or has kept you going during your pregnancy?



3 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Favourites

  1. I like the ah lief brand as well – we are using the mosquito repellent. I got it at the mama magic baby shop but I don’t know where to get more. Do you know? (I’m in Joburg)
    I used Bio Oil and it worked very well. Gaviscon as well.
    And what’s with Woolies not doing maternity clothes. Seriously?!

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