My “Ready to Pop” Baby shower


This past weekend, two of my dearest hosted the most AWESOME Baby shower for me and it was just so special! Almost everything was home baked and looked absolutely stunning, the games were fun & entertaining and the guests just made the day ever so stunning. This little man is already so blessed and I am so grateful that we have such amazing friends and family in our lives.

On the morning of the shower, Alyssa woke up to the sounds of popcorn bags being filled and she shouted from the bed “It’s my birthday party today”. So for the entire day she believed it was her party and everyone of course entertained the idea.


The 2 hostesses giving the bump some love






Hip Hip Hooray! It's Alyssa's birthday party

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Alyssa’s birthday party




A big thanks to all who attended – for their presence and amazing gifts.




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